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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Second-hand PCs for children in Mae Tang

Journnalist: Srisakul Lilapirapan

    Intel Technology Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore, in cooperation with Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) Ltd., The Rotary Club of Singapore, and Thai Youth Hostel Foundation have developed ‘Project International Action’ program to provide computer systems and education materials to less privileged rural children of Ban Pang Huay Tat School in Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai Province. Intel also gave the mobile PCs to the Thai Youth Community Foundation in Chiang Mai.

The Lunch Project "Aozoranomukoude Project"

    The Lunch Project "Aozoranomukoude Project" from Japan A proposal to provide the funds and materials for community to start a fish farm, chicken farm and vegetable garden.

Objectives of the Lunch Project:
    1. To provide food and nutrition for the daily lunch needs of the large number of students.
    2. Enable self-sufficiency and sustenance in the community, hence eliminating the need to depend on unpredictable external forces for food necessities.
    3. To improve the nutritional habits of the student and local community, which is based on a solely carbohydrates-based diet.
    4. To create opportunities and some skills to the local students, who will take up the task of caring for the farms and gardens thereafter, with uidance from the teachers.

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