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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Support & Donation & Goods

    We are constantly seeking partnership with corporate citizens, both local and overseas, to help deserving youth for a brighter future. Your donation, in cash or kind, will greatly help make a difference to deserving youth. 

Pease contact the President of Thai Youth Community Foundation at e-mail:


Buy Goods to help Ban Khun Lao Community Enterprise.

“A coin you give blesses the life of a Hill Tribes & Thai Child in Thailand. Please help us to help them “

Profits from selected value-for-money package of tea will be donated to help education and improve the lives of the less privileged Hiil Tribes & Thai children.

Dragon’s Blood Tea:

Community Enterprise Register no.5711000159

Good health easily. Just drink tea. No caffeine 100%. Drink before bed. It makes you sleep very well. Dragon blood tea...healthy tea. Take care from today :) Better than spending money to see a doctor.

Dragon’s  Blood Tea properties:

* Help dissolve blood clots

* Help clean blood* Nourish blood

* Reduce blood pressure

* Help balance the body

* Reduce blood sugar

* Help reduce cholesterol

* Help nourish your skin to be bright Reduce oily face

* Relieve symptoms Joint pain

* Helps to nourish the heart

* Helps nourish the eyes

* Take care of the kidneys to work better, Diuretic

* Helps nourish the lungs and heart

* Helps prevent breast cancer

* Helps take care of the uterus