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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Community library project, Thailand

    Villages in the northern mountainous area of Thailand are busy with their currently daily farming work. They do not have resources to learn new skills so as to improve their outputs for their farming. A community library is needed for villagers to get together to discuss on important village issues and the library books allow them to read up on the latest development and knowledge on agriculture.

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand Ngee Ann Secondary School

Water tank project, Thailand

    Drinking water is not readily available in the northern mountainous area of Thailand. Water filtration tanks had to be built to collect water during rainy season so that the storage water could be used during drought period. The 3 tanks filtration system can provide clean drinking water to the villagers. Funds and manpower are needed to build these water filtration tanks.

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Project: “ Mittrapaap Initative 03”

    This is to commemorate the building of nursery & child development center at Ban Mae Tan Noi, Hang Chat district, Lampang Province. Member of the Rotaract Club of National University of Singapore for their community work at the rural area from 7 – 14 Dec, 2003

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