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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Dragon’s Blood Tea

Dragon’s Blood Tea

by Thai Youth Community Foundation(TYCF)

** our partner - Ban Khun Lao Community Enterprise

“A coin you give blesses the life of Hill Tribes Thai Child in Thailand. Please help us to help them “

Profits from selected value-for-money package of tea will be donated to help education and improve the lives of the less privileged Hiil Tribes Thai children.

Good health easily. Just drink tea. No caffeine 100%. Drink hot morning, evening. It makes you sleep very well. Dragon blood tea...healthy tea. Take care from today :) Better than spending money to see a doctor.

Dragon’s  Blood Tea properties:

* Help dissolve blood clots

* Help clean blood* Nourish blood

* Reduce blood pressure

* Help balance the body

* Reduce blood sugar

* Help reduce cholesterol

* Help nourish your skin to be bright Reduce oily face

* Relieve symptoms Joint pain

* Helps to nourish the heart

* Helps nourish the eyes

* Take care of the kidneys to work better, Diuretic

* Helps nourish the lungs and heart

* Helps prevent breast cancer