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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Vietnam – Denmark Friendship Match Play Petanque 2009


Vietnam – Denmark

Friendship Match Play Petanque 2009

 Managed by Thai Youth Community Foudation (TYCF)

Project of Hope 2009 in Vietnam

 1. Background:

 Vietnam Danang Petanque Club, their petanque court has been distroyed by tropical storm.

 To keep the student & the village youth away from unhealthy social habits especially growing drug menace, the Vietnam Danang Petanque Club ’s committees proposed reparing & building a petanque court and playground to help address this issue. However due to lack of budget, the committees have approached with their project proposal to the Thai Youth Community Foundation (TYCF) to help raise the necessary fund for the project.

 Note: TYCF is representative of DGI Petanque in Thailand proposed this project to DGI Patanque to help & give a fund for this project in Nov, 2009

 2. Objectives:

 The objectives of the project are:

  • To promote a drug free environment through healthy exercise among youth

  • To serve as a center for all youth activities in the village

  • To promote quality and useful time among youth through sports, specially patanque sport.

  • To promote community bonding between the villagers, students and their neighbors with Danish people

  • To promote patanque sport to Vietnam children, villagers in the Danish way

  • To exchange the tradition & culture between 2 country (Vietnam & Denmark)

 3. Expected Result:

 The villagers will enjoy the benefits of a healthy family environment through sports (specially petanque sport) where the young and old can enjoy, bond and interact with each other. Most importantly, it will help address the issue of drug menace among youth that is deteriorating the family ties of the Thai community and improve the quality of living of the village. , DGI Pentanque teamcfrom Denmark is the first team to teach patanque to Vietnamese in Danang, DGI Patanque team is the first one who builded the patanque court in Danang , Vietnam. It is the great history that nobody has been done before in Vietnam

DGI Petanque visit& do community work in Vietnam from 17 – 30 Nov, 2009

Presentation a petanque court to Vietnam Danang Petanque Club & Friendship match play on 24 Nov, 2009



Friendship match play with Hanoi Petanque Club on 18 Nov, 2009



Friendship match play with Ho Chi Min Petanque Club on 28 Nov, 2009





DGI Petanque , Denmark & Thai Youth Community Foundation visit & donated education material , cloths, sport thing etc.. to Vietnam School in Hoi An, Dannang Vietname.


 DGI Petanque in Hanoi


DGI Petanque in Halong Bay.