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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

Project of Hope 2009 from DGI Badminton , Denmark:

Project of Hope 2009 from DGI Badminton , Denmark:

Project of Hope 2009 from DGI Badminton , Denmark:

Presentation a out door badminton to the principle of Ban Lau Hill Tribe school with all equipments.


 Teaching & show with students & villagers.



 Ban Lau Hill Tribes School, Mong Hill Tribes Village, Mae Tang district, Chiang Mai Province lacks a sport area to promote healthy sports and exercise.

 To keep the student & the village youth away from unhealthy social habits especially growing drug menace, the school committees proposed building a sports court(out door badminton court) and playground to help address this issue. However due to lack of budget, the school committees have approached with their project proposal to the Thai Youth Community Foundation to help raise the necessary fund for the project from DGI badminton.


 The objectives of the project are:

  • To promote a drug free environment through healthy exercise among youth

  • To serve as a center for all youth activities in the village

  • To promote quality and useful time among youth through sports, specially badminton sport.

  • To promote community bonding between the villagers, students and their neighbors with Danish people

  • To promote badminton sport to Hill Tribe children, villagers in the Danish way

  • To exchange the tradition & culture between 2 country (Thailand & Denmark)

 Trekking & White Water Rafting Activities on top of the mountain & visit Mong Hill Tribes Village.


Campfire & lantern (moonshine) & play game with kids and villagers.


 Visit Royal Project (Project from King of Thailand to help Thai Hill Tribes around the North of Thailand)


The aim of DBIT 2009 Team: 

  • playing training matcher / friendship matches with players at same level

  • taking part in training and in training tournaments

  • functioning as trainers for short periods of 3 - 4 days

  • working with pupils at schools and workshops – hereby broadening the knowledge of badminton and the Danish way of training

  • visiting trainers for clubs and camps for young players

  • making joint training between badminton trainers from your country and DBIT (inspiration from one badminton trainer to another)

  • making training and showing badminton in schools and universities (for pupils and teachers)

Further more, DBIT very much would like to participate in training lessons, where trainers from Thailand train DBIT players. Inspiration from DBIT to your players and trainers, and also the other way around, from your players and trainers to DBIT, is a very important aim for Danish Badminton Inspiration Team and DGI Badminton.

 Name of the club that DBIT 2009 visited : 

  1. Chiang Mai University Badminton Club

  2. Chiang Mai Badminton Club

  3. HP Chiang Rai Badminton.

  4. Thonburi Badminton Club