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Thai Youth Community Foundation
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Community Work & Environment Project

Our Project 2009:

Community Work & Environment Project:

A group of scout ventures from 02 Raffles Scout Group arrived in Thailand to be part of Project Give-A-Dam (29 Nov – 4 Dec, 2009). With the hope of building a check dam for the village community and refurbishing a classroom in the local school, they were overwhelmed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the villagers especially the staff and students of Ban Pha Taek School , in the Mae Tang district, near Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Building a Check Dam
In parts of Thailand, as with other countries in the Asian monsoon region, cropland is often damaged by floods in the rainy season and lack of water in drier times. A check dam is built across selected sections of a stream of river to regulate the flow of water, reducing its velocity as well as to aid in the collection of a reservoir pool. This simple water management method enables the local farmers to tap on the water resources, particularly during the post-monsoon seasons, and helps to reduce flooding in the lower croplands during storms.

Bags are filled with earth and layered across the stream, and the simple structure is then reinforced further by bamboo shafts. Besides the bags, the materials for the building of the check dam are obtained entirely from the milieu.


Besides the check dam, the 02 Raffles Scout Ventures helped to raise funds for new tiled flooring, doors and windows, and added the finishing touches to the classroom they adopted by painting the interior and exterior in a cosy Mediterranean-inspired baby blue hue. The students at Ban Pha Taek School loved the new look!

Other activities included games and interaction with the local villagers and students, trekking to the Royal Projects, and a visit to a local school for an educational exchange.

A Reflection…